Frequently Asked Questions

The Reliabilityweb.com team, The Reliability Leadership Foundation Consortiums and the Association of Asset Management Professionals have done remarkable work to advance the concepts of reliability and asset management. Currently, the Uptime Elements framework is in use at over 6,000 locations and is supported by more than 4,000 Certified Reliability Leaders around the world.
What is the difference between a Certification and a Badge?

The distinctions between certifications and badges, offered by the Association of Asset Management Professionals (AMP), are based on the depth of knowledge, scope, and professional impact they represent.

Certification, such as the Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) designation, encompasses a comprehensive body of knowledge and is recognized as a formal credential in the field. The process to become certified is typically more rigorous, involving extensive study, a more detailed examination, and ongoing professional development to maintain the certification status. Earning a certification, like CRL, indicates a deep commitment to the profession and a mastery of a wide range of concepts and practices related to reliability leadership. Holders often experience significant professional benefits, including increased earning potential and greater career advancement opportunities.

Badges, like the Lubrication Leader Badge or the upcoming IoT [Digitalization] Leader Badge, are focused recognitions of proficiency in specific areas within asset management. Badges signify that the holder has achieved a targeted understanding and skill set pertinent to a specialized domain, such as lubrication practices or IoT applications. The process to earn a badge is generally more concise, with a shorter test that is closely linked to a particular framework of knowledge. While badges do validate expertise and can enhance professional credibility, they are not as expansive in scope as certifications and are not necessarily linked to broader career impacts such as salary increases.

In essence, a certification  is a broad, formal recognition of expertise and leadership in the field of reliability, reflecting a holistic understanding of how reliability integrates into the overall business strategy. Certifications require a significant investment in learning and are maintained through continuous professional development. Badges, although valuable for professional growth and recognition in niche areas, are more specific and less comprehensive than certifications.


  • Represent a broad understanding of reliability leadership principles and practices.
  • Require extensive study and passing a comprehensive exam.
  • Imply a commitment to ongoing professional development.
  • Are associated with higher earning potential and career advancement.


  • Signify proficiency in a specific area of asset management.
  • Are awarded after passing a targeted examination.
  • Focus on specialized knowledge relevant to particular industrial practices.
What is the Uptime Elements Domain Mastery Belt Program?
The Uptime Elements Domain Mastery Belt Program complements the Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) certification by offering a more specialized and project-focused path to recognize and apply reliability knowledge. The Domain Mastery Belts represent progressive levels of achievement within specific knowledge domains of the Uptime Elements Reliability Framework and Asset Management System. 
Each colored belt corresponds to a domain of expertise:
  • Yellow Belt for Asset Management (AM)
  • Orange Belt for Reliability Engineering for Maintenance (REM)
  • Green Belt for Asset Condition Management (ACM)
  • Blue Belt for Work Execution Management (WEM)
  • Red Belt for Leadership for Reliability (LER)
  • Coming Soon: Purple Belt Digitalization (IoT)
To earn a belt, participants must lead successful projects that deliver significant improvements in reliability and asset performance within their organizations, aligning with one of the knowledge domains. After earning belts in all five domains, a CRL Domain Mastery Black Belt is awarded, signifying comprehensive proficiency across all Uptime Elements knowledge domains and a notable contribution to the organization's reliability culture.
Mastery Belts:
  • Recognize the successful application of Uptime Elements knowledge in practical, impactful projects.
  • Each belt represents mastery in a specific domain of the Uptime Elements framework.
  • A sequence of belts leads to the CRL Black Belt, which denotes wide-ranging expertise and significant contributions to the reliability culture within an organization.
The Mastery Belt Program is unique in its focus on applying knowledge to achieve tangible, project-based results that align with organizational goals. It also emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement and practical application of skills to create real-world impact. The CRL Black Belt, as the culmination of this program, represents a significant achievement and recognition within the field of reliability leadership.

Lubrication Leader Badge Training

Who can take the Lubrication Leader badge training?

Any RLI member that has signed into the Workshop Study System via the Membership sign in button.

Who is the target audience for the Lubrication Leader badge training
Lubrication stakeholders and decision makers who want to enhance lubrication lifecycle management
or who do not want to inadvertently de-value lubrication lifecycle management.
Who can get a Lubrication Leader badge?

Anyone. There is no educational or experiential requirement to sit for the Lubrication Leader badge
assessment. A list of recommended preparation resources is available below.

What does it take to get a Lubrication Leader badge?

After completing the optional preparation, you will need to register with AMP to take the assessment
for the badge.

Is this an open book assessment?

Yes – The workbook and notes written within is allowed open book on the assessment.

Will taking this course prepare me for selecting the lubricants in my facility?

While this course will help you understand lubricants, selecting lubricants for specialty applications is
best done by someone with the STLE or ICML certification.

What is a Lubrication Leader?

A Lubrication Leader is someone who ensures that their organization’s lubrication program provides
value to the organization. A Lubrication Leader is someone who creates a new future that was not going
to happen anyway.

How long is the Lubrication Leader course?

There are 20 videos, that have a total run time of just under 2 hours and a companion workbook/e-
workbook with room for notes to guide an effective knowledge transfer. We estimate an additional 2-4
hour self-study effort.

Can I take the Lubrication Leader course more than once?

Yes, the Lubrication Leader course is available to anyone with access to the self-paced Workshop
Study System (WSS).

Are there practice questions that I can take before I take the AMP assessment?

Not at this time.

How many questions are on the AMP assessment for Lubrication Leader badge?

There are 25 multiple choice questions with a 30 minute time limit. The workbook is allowed open
book as reference.

What score do I need to pass the Lubrication Leader badge assessment?

More than 1, less than 26. Seriously, that is proprietary, and that question won’t be answered. We
follow the general guidelines of ISO 17024.

Does the WSS track my progress in the videos?

No, you will need to download the pdf tracker and keep track of where you are in the videos.

Will the WSS continue to play the next video?

No, after a video finishes, you will need to click on the next video that you want to review.

Are closed captions available on the videos.

Yes, closed captions will display at the bottom of the video. In addition, you can click on the
“transcript” button to see the full transcript for each scene.

Can my boss see my progress through the videos?

Your boss knows everything, but the WSS will not tell anyone what you are watching.

How much does the Lubrication Leader badge cost?

The badge is free, the cost to take the assessment is $49.00 for CRLs in good standing and $99.00 for
non CRLs.

How will I receive my badge?

After successfully completing the assessment, a Credly badge will be sent to you.

Will I have to renew my Lubrication Leader badge?

No. Once you are a Lubrication Leader – you are always a Lubrication Leader.

Do I need the Lubrication Elements Workbook?

It is highly recommended.

How do I get the Lubrication Elements Workbook?

The Lubrication Elements Workbook and E-Workbook is available for purchase on the Reliability

Can I buy/get a Lubrication Elements poster?

The poster comes with the workbook.